Sarah D. Miller

Sarah is a custom jewelry designer in the NYC area helping her clients bring their visions to life – whether it's reimagining a family heirloom or creating something totally from scratch. For her branding, we wanted to show all the love, creativity, and care she puts into her designs: her passion and skill lies in creating jewelry that is timeless, elegant, and ultimately holds deep sentimental value. The rays in the brand icon combine the shape of a diamond (a stone she often works with, especially with her bridal clients) and a sun, which nod at her approach to reimagining and bringing new life to her client's jewelry. We balanced her desire to be bold yet elegant by combining a delicate typeface with a bright color palette.

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Web design

Before I hired Carly, my business had been steadily growing but I didn’t feel confident sending people to my website. I knew it was time to upgrade it so that it represented how I wanted my business to be viewed. Carly not only saw my vision, but elevated it. I now have added confidence to send potential clients to my website. Honestly the whole experience was wonderful!

sarah d. miller

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“Carly not only saw my vision, but elevated it.”

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