I get it. You're just starting your journey as an entrepreneur and know you need a website to get your business off the ground—but you also know you don't need a custom solution quite yet. 



Are you ready to have a website that helps you…

build trust

among potential clients by sharing your expertise & services.

Get more inquiries

& make more sales in a streamlined & user friendly way.

Grow your biz

by having an “online home” that speaks to your ideal clients. 

The Semi-Custom Website will help you to do all these things with confidence & ease. 

let me guess...

You’ve tried to DIY your website only to be too embarassed to actually use it to grow your business.

The Semi-Custom website is DONE FOR YOU—as in I do all of the heavy lifting to design, develop, and launch your site! At the end of our project, I provide tutorials so that you can make basic site updates—& aren’t left with a site that you don’t even know how to use. 


You’re scared you’ll end up with a website that will be a total pain to update as your business grows. 

There’s nothing worse than having to call your designer everytime you need to change a line of copy or add a section to your website. Showit, the platform we use, requires no coding and tons of design flexiblilty—so you have everything you need for continued, sustainable growth.


You invested in your branding, but now feel like there’s no budget left to move onto your website. 

As a new business owner, you probably can’t invest in custom solutions for everything (even if you want to!). That’s why I built this – to give you a totally on-brand website at less than half the cost of my custom service, and exactly what you need to be nimble as you start your business.


how it works

You’re 3 simple steps away from a website that will help you make more sales & grow your biz. 

Strategy so you can grow with ease


We start with a 1-on-1 kickoff call to determine your business goals & overarching website strategy. Based on our call, I wireframe your website by using a growing library of pre-designed modules.

Since we approach this with YOUR goals top of mind, not only will no 2 wireframes ever look the same – and you can feel confident that your website is going to help you build trust & book more clients!

One of a kind, on-brand design


Once we’ve completed your wireframes, I design & build your website in Showit utilizing your branding (logos, colors, fonts, & all!) so that the website takes on the personality of YOUR business & brand.

The website may be semi-custom, but when we use your own branding it takes on a look of its own—so that your message & solution can stand out & speak directly to your ideal clients.  

Launch & book more dream clients


It’s go time! We test your website together to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for launch, set up your Showit account, Wordpress blog, and opt-in forms, and share it with the world.

Now that it’s live, not only will it help you share your services with dream clients and make more sales, but you’ll also have a website that is built to evolve as your business grows. Win-win! 

Ready to launch a website that’s going to help you grow your business with confidence? 

apply now

Apply below to see if your project is a good fit for the Semi-Custom Website! 

The Crafted by Carly Semi-Custom Website is so much more than a template

The Crafted by Carly Semi-Custom
Website is so much more than a template

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

Completely done for you

Strategy-first approach

Utilizes your branding

No 2 sites ever look the same

1-on-1 support every step of the way

Email marketing opt-in design + set-up

Launch support

The Crafted by Carly
Semi-Custom Website
is so much more than
a template

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

completely done for you

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

1-on-1 support every step of the way

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

strategy-first approach

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

utilizes your branding

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

no 2 sites ever look the same

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

Email marketing opt-in design + set-up

Your Usual Website “Template”

The Semi-Custom Website

launch support

client love

Together we created a practical, professional and unique website that could grow with my business over time (despite it being ‘semi-custom’). 

If you’re considering working with Carly, I encourage you to go for it! This service is perfect for business owners who are just starting out and wanting to get their services out there – and will help push you forward and create a beautiful starting point that can grow with you.”

Karlee R.

I knew I could trust Carly to bring my vision to life, and I knew I needed help making a website ‘flow’ cohesively – which Carly is a pro at. Even the Copywriting Guide helped me to streamline my message.

When I approached Crafted by Carly, I knew my previous website wasn’t getting the job done (I didn’t feel confident sending people to my site, like at all!).

belly2baby nutrition

The process was so easy and confidence-giving, and is great for anyone who is ready to have a simple yet effective website. 

I haven’t even launched the website yet but let me tell you, I feel SO relieved already. My business is getting a major boost! 

Before working with Carly, I was only relying on Instagram to market my business. And while I was hesitant to make a big investment in a website, the Semi-Custom Website service took that edge off and became an option that was very doable for me.

Carly was able to take all of my thoughts & make suggestions on how I would want to present myself through my website. Her DIY Copywriting Guide also really helped me put down & organize the ins and outs of my business, and I loved how Carly was able to design my website with the branding that I had already done.

marykate m.

Hello MaryKate

Carly didn’t hold back in giving me her honest feedback, which is everything I needed. We bounced ideas off of each other and I loved looking at PRH through her lens as a branding & website design. 

The name of this service speaks for itself – Semi Custom & Done For You. Investing in this gave me added confidence (and a decrease in stress!) around using my website to grow my business, and overall it’s really easy to use. 

Carly’s creative energy was everything I needed to get my up and coming business the confidence boost it needed.

Working with Carly, a true professional, brought my vision alive in a way I didn't know was possible.

I honestly tried creating a website on my own, but didn’t even know where to begin and was having a hard time putting it all together.

Elisabeth d.

Purely Rooted Health

My favorite part of the Semi-Custom Website is that it’s somewhat fool proof. I can’t mess it up because it’s easy to make simple changes to—but if I do need help, I know I can always call Carly. 

If you’re thinking about working with Carly—don’t think twice about it!

Working with Carly exceeded my expectations—I wasn’t expecting someone else to bring my vision to life in such a special way. Now I’m so much more confident about sending people to my website. 

When I came to Carly, I didn’t feel confident about my website and I was unsure of how to make things look cohesive. I was 6 months into my business and I really wanted to present as a trustworthy and consistent brand.


Sophisticated Resolve

who it's for

The Semi-Custom, Done For You Website is PERFECT for service-based business owners who are just starting out, but know they need an “online home” to build trust among their potential clients, make more sales, & grow with confidence. 

that's meee

The Investment

3 payments of

apply now


From our kickoff call to your site’s launch, the Semi-Custom Website service includes 8 weeks of support to be sure you have a new online home that sets you up for success. 

the process

We chat about your business & determine your website’s goals, & use that to complete your wireframes (which are basically rough sketches of your site layout).

I design & develop your site while you utilize our Copywriting Guide to write your copy. (We can also connect you ahead of time with a copywriter!). 

We review and test your website together to make sure it’s perfect before launch, and I show you some Showit & Wordpress basics for easy upkeep. 

Ready to launch a website that will help you build trust among potential clients, make more sales, & grow your new business with confidence & ease – without the headache or the major price tag? 

apply now


Another designer did my branding. Will Crafted by Carly still design my site?

Yes! At minimum, you need a logo, color palette, and fonts.

I don’t have branding yet! Can I still do this?

We can’t start on your semi-custom website until you have branding—that includes a logo, color palette, and fonts at minimum (but ideally you’ll have secondary logos, brand marks, and other graphic elements for us to work with, too).

While some clients come to us with branding already created, the majority of our clients invest in our branding package + semi-custom website together. Email me at or schedule a call to chat about doing your branding + website together! 

Is copywriting included?

Copywriting is not included in this service however we have a few options to help make that part of the process seamless! When we start working together, you’ll decide if you either want to DIY your copy with our Copywriting Guide or hire our copywriter who is familiar with this service! 

I’m a product-based business owner who needs an online shop. Will this work for me?

Since the Semi-Custom Website is built in Showit, this offer doesn’t work for product-based business owners or online shops. Crafted by Carly does offer Shopify design, though, so email me at or schedule a call if you’re interested in chatting more! 

I might need a custom element or additional page. Will this still work for me?

It depends! I recommend emailing me at or scheduling a call so we can talk details. In some cases, we’re able to add on an additional element or page for an extra fee, but depending on your business needs and goals, a custom site may be what you need. 

Can you rush it?

Maybe! If you have a specific launch date in mind, mention it in the Application + I’ll let you know if we can make it work. 

Will I be able to update it later?

Yes! The Semi-Custom Website is built to grow with your business – so you can swap copy/photos, add individual modules or design whole new pages as needed.